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Thursday, June 6, 2013

1372. Computer browser house cleaning.

So Doug I hear that people when they are browsing clear their cache regularly remove all their cookies, clear up everything from their internet browser, and I am wondering. Is that worth it and is that something we should be doing regularly?

This "house cleaning" task is something you should consider. It really depends on how you use your computer.

There are settings in your browser that will maintain your system without you doing anything. You should review these setting to make sure the type of internet access you typically do makes sense with your settings. Search for how to change the settings for the browser you use.

Typical settings will include how long to keep cookies, page and media data. How much cache to use. It will determine if each visit to a web page requires the page to be completely refreshed.

If you do not have specific issues I would leave things alone. Otherwise review these settings and make adjustments based upon your typical usage. You can force the cleanup of this data to start fresh, but when you do this you may need to enter extra data when you initially visit a familiar web site.

There are free and pay for programs that will help you manage some of these items. I personally do not recommend these programs. Be very careful downloading these programs because they can cause unwanted applications to be installed that will create other problems.

My advice is to talk to a friend that has some computer experience to help you with these issues. Don't buy or try any free programs that claim they will magically fix problems.

These issues apply to both the Mac and PC. The newer systems are much better at keeping things "cleaned up".

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