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Thursday, June 6, 2013

1374. Mac "Path View"

How To Enable The Path View In Finder? I liked being able to see exactly where my file is located in Windows. Can I do this on my Mac?

To turn on File Path View on your Mac, Open Finder and select View from the menu bar.  

In this menu view you will notice a number of options that have Hide/Show in the option.

You can Hide/show the Path Bar, Status Bar, Sidebar, and Toolbar.  

I would turn these options from hide to show and look at the Finder window to see what your can now see.  

As a new Mac user I would turn everything on and then as you get familiar with the look you can make changes. 

I also always liked to see files extensions in Windows. On the Finder Menu, select Finder, Preferences, Advanced, and check the FileName extensions options. You can also have icons display on your desktop under the Finder. Preferences, General tab.

Bottom line - check out all of the settings in Finder Preferences, and View. There is a bunch of information that may help you with managing your Mac computer and make you feel more comfortble with your old Windows view of life.

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