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Monday, July 22, 2013

1377. microsoft Paint problems.

Ralph sent in this question: I created images using Microsoft Paint. Now, when I load them back up to edit them, they're all pixelated. What did I do wrong?

This was a tricky one and it took a little bit of diagnosis. It turns out that Ralph is doing line drawings. Very complex line drawings using Microsoft Paint. Perhaps not the best product for his goal. 

In any case he had created the images and saved them as JPEG files with the JPG extension and then when he loaded them back up it looked really terrible. Then when I thought about a second I realized when you save the file as a JPEG file it gets compressed.  JPEG file format does some compression as it saves the file.

Then when you load it back up tries to redraw the image in Microsoft Paint and it doesn't have all the information.  It's thrown away some of the information is part of that compression The answer is save it in some other format. Either BMP format that's a bitmap format or PNG,  another file format that doesn't perform compression as it saves the file. This is a simple solution once we did the research.

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