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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1382. What can we do if we always lose power?

Barbara asked this question. At our house the power often goes down and I will be in the middle of working and I will loose the work I was doing at that moment. What can I do to keep that from happening.

I forget about this since for the most part I am always using a laptop and it isn't affected by the power outage. But with a desktop computer this can cause data loss and in some cases it can hurt the computer.  

So I recommend having a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) device. For most desktop computers you can get one for under $100.00, that will give you 5-15 minutes of time to shutdown the computer and save your data. The UPS device will also protect you from surges and brown outs.  

So save your money and don't buy a surge protector, add some dollars and get a UPS device. Remember that you should include some other equipment on the UPS, like your Internet and wireless devices and of course your monitor. You may be connected to the internet when the power goes out and it will help to keep the power going to those devices so you can complete your work.  

You usually don't need to have your printer connected to the UPS and it uses a lot of power. when you buy the UPS there is usually a guide that allows you to determine how big of a UPS you need. It will included the equipment you need to power and the time you want to be able to shut down. That way you don't spend too much money for protection you don't need.

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