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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1383. Internet Explorer Toolbars are missing?

So I was using Internet Explorer recently and I don't use it very much and all of a sudden I noticed my toobars went away and I couldn't even see my URL bar until I moved my mouse to the top of the screen and it magically appeared again. How did I get into this mode and how do I get out of it.

There are many shortuts and keys that do special functions depending upon the program you are using. It can be very disconcerning why all of a sudden things change.  

Sadly the first thing that comes to my mind is VIRUS!. But this is not the case. The F11 keywill cause this to happen. It is very useful. There are so many features and toolbars that are displayed on the top of your browser that after some time you have very little space to display the actual content of the web page you are viewing. The F11 key is your friend.  

This will cause all of the toolbar information to go away and it hides the URL address information as well. If you slide your mouse to the top of the windows, things will appear temporarily. All you need to do to get the URL and toolbars back permanently is to click the F11 key. This is very handy as many other shortcuts keys are, but if you accidentally hit the key and don't know how to get things back to the way they were you of course think of the worse. 

Search the internet for Windows and Mac shortcut keys and read about them. You will find many useful keys that make your productivity improve.

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