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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1386. New browser Toolbars. Why?

It seems like most support calls I ave received recently have been from people that have found new toolbars in their browser that they didn't install and they don't want them there. Where did they come from? How do you get rid of them? And how do you avoid getting these things installed in the first place?

This all come down to installing a new program like Acrobat PDF reader, or other utility programs that claim to make your life better. When you install these new programs, you will see a bunch of pop-up screens that ask yu to "accept" license agreements.  

Well you need to read the fine print. What you will see is these pop-ups are asking you to confirm the installation of a lot of this extra toolbar and other utility programs you never wanted. It is hidden in the install script for the program you do want.  

YOU MUST READ these pop-ups and only accept the install of what you do want. It is tricking you into thinking you have to say yes to everything. You don't. One of the biggest offender of this is CNET Download. They provide the FREE utility download service and get paid extra o install all of the extra stuff you don't want. This causes your computer to slow down, and in some cases will install virus and spyware. You will end up installing different search engine, task toolbars, and default browser, Default first page and more.  

Even after the first set of install screens, there are a second set that says "Express" vs "custom" If you select "Express" you will get the extras. When you select "Custom" you then need to uncheck the extras. They are Very sneaky. I hate them. There is a special place in the after life for these companies.

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