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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1387. Too many passwords. What can I do?

If you are working online you get asked for passwords alot. I've heard a lot of people tell me that I shouldn't use the same password on more than 1 site. Especially not the password I se for my email password. What's so important about using a different password on every site and for goodness sake how am I sppossed to come up with a different password for every site?

Protect your password. PLEASE. The importance of not using your email password for all of your accounts is becasue your email id is often used for your user/login name and everyone knows your email address so the bad people have 1/2 of your credentials.  

There have been a lot of hacker success in getting email lists from email providers recently. So if these people have your email address and password they can now get into all of your other accounts if you use your email credentials for all accounts.  

You do not want your online banking and credit card credentials to be available to people that know your email address and password.  

1. Change your passwords often. 
2 don;t use your email credentials for any other account.  
3. Use a password utility program to help you save your security data. 
4. Figure out an easy way to generate a password that you can remember.  I find using a common phrase and picking the letters from this phrase, but there are other good ways.  

Do a search to find other suggestions. Protect your passwords.

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