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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1390. Amber Alerts - iPhone

What is up with the new amber alerts I've suddenly started receiving on my iPhone? I got woken up last week by a loud beeping from my phone. I'm all for finding lost children, but I don't want alerts on my phone. How can I turn this feature off?!

We yes there in lies the problem of keeping your iPhone by your bed. I on the other hand keep mine on the other side of the house so when it beeps during the night I just don't hear it.

Of course people call I hope you're either but that's a different story. In any case yes Apple's turned on it's Amber alert system recently even though the feature had been in the operative system for a while and took everyone sorta by surprise including me.

And when I looked at the phone I realize there is an option to turn this off. If you go to settings and then choose notifications, if you scroll to the bottom of the list of settings there are some government alert options there. You can turn on or off the Amber alerts and the emergency alerts. If you don't wish to get either one of them just turn them off. By default both of those are on and I am sure will agree that finding lost children as a high-priority but you might want to hear about it at two in the morning. 

So you can also use the do not disturb feature on your iPhone to control when you get alerts.  On my phone I'm not getting any sort of noises between midnight and 6 AM unless it's from one of my emergency contacts. You might try that same feature.

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