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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1392. How can I sell my old phone?

I heard there's a new iphone coming out this fall. I'd like to get a new one, but in order to do that, I need to sell my old one. I don't want to deal with auctions or selling to someone who might try to rip me off. Are there other options?

I am hoping that you are not thinking your friends would try to rib you off. Are you?  

But really and are both a pain to use to sell used gadgets. On the other hand there are other sites you can use that offer a fixed price for recent model gadgets and they often give pretty good value. 

One that I've used is called another one called often has options to purchase and resell your used iPhones and so on. And eBay has a new service "eBay My Gadget" that allows to indicate what you have to sell and they'll give you a fixed price offer.

In each of these cases the company then resells your gadget to somebody else that you don't worry about. They offer you a bid on your device,  you box it  up and send it to them and as long as it is in the condition that you say it is when you get the bid you'll get the money that you've asked for. 

I've done this two or three times and each case gets worked fine. Don't be afraid as long as you're using a well-respected site like "SellMyMac", "Gazelle" or "eBay my gadgets".

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