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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1394.. Windows 7 programs that won't run on Windows 8?

I got a new computer with Windows 8.. I had programs that will only run on Windows 7, What can I do?

This is a very unusual occurrence. But there are a couple of ways to get your program working in Windows 8.  

First there is Compatibility Mode. Find the program and right button click and go to Properties. There is a Compatibility Tab. Try running the Troubleshooter. This may identify the problem and provide a solution.  

If not check the Run in compatibility mode and choose the mode from the drop down list. This will likely solve 99% of the problems.  

If it doesn't Windows 8 has an optional feature that you can turn on called Hyper-V. If your computer is a 64 bit processor and has more than 2 GB of memory you can try installing this feature. It allows you to run a full version of Windows 7 or other Windows releases as a Virtual machine. You may need some technical help with this, but the other 1% of the problem will likely go away and you will be able to run your older application.

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