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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1395. Signature on my emails?

You know Doug when I send an email from my mobile phone there is an automatic signature that gets applied to each message. I would like to do that same thing when I send email from my desktop computer. Is there someway to turn that on and set the signature that I add to each message?

Yes there is. For people that use their browser to get their email, the new email services have options for automatically adding signatures to your email. Some allow the signature to be different for a new message versus a reply or a forward.  

If you don't have this option using a browser, you can use an email client like Outlook or Mac Mail. They allow you to store your signatures. Some allow you to use logos. Even if you access multiple email accounts with these clients most allow you to specify a different signature for each account. 

A good place to look for these features are in the Options or Settings section of your email client.

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