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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1396. Hotmail replace by Why?

I have a lot of friends that have been using Hotmail and MSN mail for years. Some of them have complained to me recently that now when they try to log in it doesn't say Hotmail or MSN anymore it says Outlook. What's with that? I thought Outlook was a program you had to install on your computer.

Yes things have changed. No your friends don't need to buy the Outlook application for your PC or Mac with these changes.  The domain name and the program called Outlook and the browser Outlook are totally different.

I think once you get use to the new look you will appreciate the new features. The new browser programming language features allow all the new browsers versions to do things that required a local application before.  

All of the Microsoft related email domains like,, and now can use this new "Outlook" like looking browser. It still does not keep data stored locally unless you specifically want this but it has many features the full featured Outlook program has. I still use my full version of Outlook 2013, but if I am on a friends computer or a kiosk somewhere I like the fact that when I use the new Outlook browser interface I feel like I am at home with my email client..

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