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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1397. Taskbar moved?

I had a tech support question recently. The person's taskbar suddenly appeared on the right hand edge of their screen and not on the bottom edge of the screen where is normally sits, How did that happen? How did they get the toolbar in the wrong place and is there someway to keep them from doing that again?

This is a feature that many people are not aware of. Accidentally the task bar got dragged to the right edge. You can move it to the top or the left side as well. You can also extend the size(height or width) of the bar if you have more icons than fit.  

It is simple to fix. Hover the mouse over a clear area and left button drag the tool bar to another edge. Then release it. You can lock the task bar so this does not accidentally happen again. Right click on task bar and chose lock.  

This is a good time to learn that if you don't like the task bar on the bottom you can drag it to either side or the top. You can also make the task bar higher if you have lots of items on the task bar. Go ahead and play with the size and location. You may like the changes. Remember to lock the bar once you have it the way you like it.

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