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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1398. Shrink photos in my emails.

I email photos to friends often and I don't what to send the full large size photos taken with my high resolution camera. Is there someway to shrink them when I try to send the email?

Well yes, there is. If you right button on the photos, and select the Send to Email recipient, it will pop up and ask you what size to make the files. It will give you the sizes if you use original as well as many reduced options.  

This does not change the original size of the photo. Sometimes you just need to use other methods to send photos that are large. Many email systems will not allow you to send a large file or group of files. Some email systems will not allow the person to receive a large file.  

If the files you are sending are over 1 MB in size consider reducing them or using an alternate way to send the files. Try, or, or there are services like or .

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