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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1399. Lost Contacts on my iPhone?

Carolyn asked recently. I am using Outlook Express as my email client on my Windows XP computer and I have all my contacts stored there. I set up my new iPhone recently sharing my email, but none of my contacts show up on my iPhone. Is there something I can do to make my contacts show up on my iPhone that I am used to using in Outlook Express.

You can simply Export from Outlook Express, then import on the phone, but they'll never be in sync again. You make a change on the phone, contacts won't update on Outlook Express.  

If you want them to be in sync, we suggest using a different email server, such as Gmail or Office 365, which will sync both your email and your contacts between your desktop and phone email. 

Office 365 will also keep your calender data in sync. If your need is to always have this information in sync on your computer, phone, and tablet makes sure you have the email service that supports this and all of the tools on your devices that will allow this to work.

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