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Friday, September 27, 2013

1402.Remotely record DVR?

I was at a party recently, and a friend recommended a TV show I wanted to watch. Is there some way to program my DVR remotely to record the show?

Funny this actually happened the other day when a friend was out of town asked me to go next store to her house and set up for DVR to record a football game for her. Of course that meant I had to get out of my chair and walk 200 yards to her house to go in and program the DVR for her. And she could've done that herself had she had her DVR connected to the Internet.

Both Dish and DirecTV make this possible and I'm sure other providers do as well and once your DVR is connected to the Internet each provider provides an application that you can run on your tablet or phone or in a web browser to remotely set up recordings.

When I hear about a nice TV show that I want to watch and I'm at a party for example, not to go to parties very often, but when it does happen I can take out my iPhone run the DirecTV application and set up a remote recording for that show.

Jjust two things are required,  your DVR has to be connected to the Internet and you need to be able to get to a web browser or have the appropriate app on your tablet or phone to be able to remotely set up a recording.

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