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Friday, September 27, 2013

1405. How do I transfer files between iPhones?

I have some data files on my iPhone and I need to get them to a friend's phone. How can I transfer files from one iPhone to another?

The answer my friend is e-mail just kidding that's so 1995.  There are lots of ways to transfer files from one iPhone to another but they all require some third-party software to make it happen.

Starting with IOS 7 and depending on what kind of iPhone you have you may be able to use Airdrop. A new feature built into IOS 7. It allows you to find nearby iPhones and transfer content directly to them. If you're using IOS 7 and have a phone that supports the feature,  check into using Airdrop to easily transfer files from one phone to another without needing to use some third-party external software.

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