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Sunday, September 29, 2013

1406. Blackberries - what happened?

So Doug you'll recall that 10 years ago we carried around our little Blackberry devices and we were happy to do it.and I remember discussing at the time wouldn't it be cool if there was a phone attached to this thing as well and of course Blackberry took our idea and paid us nothing and then built phones. But it seems like they are in decline at the moment. Can you tell me what's really wrong with Blackberry and where is going to end up?

Ken if I could answer that question I would play the stock market.  

Back then Blackberry took the pager device (you remember them don't you Ken) and made email work with that type of device. For many reasons this was limited to corporate type of email systems.  

And cell phones only made phone calls. I am sure somebody at RIM(Research in Motion) had already been thinking about combining the two devices so I am not holding my breath for those royalty checks.  

When the phones and email started to be available on the same device Blackberry still stuck with the corporate business. They finally saw the light but were too late to be able to compete with Apple and Google's Android in the consumer market.  

They tried as did Microsoft and their Windows phone. Microsoft is increasing more of the market but still only have about 4%. Blackberry is much less and it seems like RIM is going back to the corporate market. Sadly I think they are too late. They had the advantage 15 years ago. They just didn't pursue the right course.

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