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Sunday, September 29, 2013

1408. Browser add-ins - what are they?

You know we are spending more and more time in web browser now a day than using applications. And I have added a bunch of add-ins to my browser and sometimes one or more of them just doesn't seem to be working. Is there some way to start the browser without the add-ins working so I can find out what is going on?

It is a problem and some security consious web sites will not allow you to access them with add-ins installed. These extensions allow for additional features that the original browser did not support.  

Some of them can cause security issues.  

For Internet Explorer go to start Run and type iexplore -extoff.  

Firefox type firefox -safe -mode.  

Chrome and other browsers have similar commands.  

If this is something you find you need to do often, you can set up a shortcut with these values so you can easily start your favorite browser with the extensions turned off. If you are concerned that you have an extension installed that is a problem, you can go into the browser settings and find the Extensions area. You have the option to turn one or more of them off. This may not only help with security it may speed up your computer.  

If unsure call for technical help.

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