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Sunday, September 29, 2013

1409. Twitter emails that look like you sent them.

So call me the grumpy old man but I just don't get twitter. I know the world relies on twitter for news and other information and personally I have managed to avoid it. But last week Doug you got involved and I was testing and suddenly I go an email from you from twitter that looks like you sent it but clearly you didn't. What's going on here? Are you just trying to give me trouble?

Well yes you are the gumpy old man but twitter is not the reason.  

As it turns out both my followers on twitter (what does that say about me) got this "Direct Message" from my account. I had not used my twitter in months.  

I received a message from twitter explaining that their system was hacked by a "website". This site cause direct messages to be sent out to many twitter users . The message was a scam and should not be opened. There are links that take you to bad places.  

Twitter then advised me to change my password and to remove any "extensions" I had set up - Like to Facebook and Microsoft. Since it seemed to be Twitters fault that they were hacked why are they telling us to change things. They didn't indicate that the hackers used my password. In any case it is a good idea to change your passwords often and make them complex.  

If you have heard of a problem go to the site and look for the security section for help to resolve these problems.

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