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Sunday, September 29, 2013

1410. Loose contacts on my phone. Backups?

You know Doug I am totally retentive that my contacts on my phone are in sync with the web. So if I loose my phone I wouldn't loose my contacts. I use Google contacts to make sure that doesn't happen. On the other hand I hear of so many people that loose their phone that they have to re-enter all of their contacts. What are they doing wrong? Why aren't they syncing their contacts with some web based service.

Well I want to blame the carriers for this. Yes I will.  

When you buy your phone they do not point out the options you have. At most they may help you set up email.  
On your iPhone and similar options are on Androids, your contacts get stored in the Default location "On My iPhone", or in some cases if you use iCloud in your iCloud account.  

Even though this is not where you keep all of your email contacts. You want your contact to use the same location for your email and your phone, and keep them in sync on your phone as well as on your email system on your phone and on your computer.  

In most cases you can do this. Google email and Microsoft Office 365 email allow you to do this easily.So if you have a, outlook, msn, live or hotmail email account this will work.  

BTW you can do this for your calendar as well. Other email service may not do this for you. I would consider changing my service if they don't. You still need to set this up correctly and always test things when you are done to make sure it is working. There are places and companies in the area that will help you do this. These devices and computers are supposed to make your life easier, not more complicated.

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