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Sunday, September 29, 2013

1411. Android issues?

You know I have always been an iPhone bigot, at least for the past 4-5 years. And I really enjoy my iPhone. But I am intrigued by the Android mystique and its popularity. Recently you got one but you returned it. What made you do that? 

Size, battery, and security of Android. I liked the idea of the freedom of the Android, so I wanted to give it a chance.  The physical size of the Android just didn't fit my hands. The battery did ot last very long and I didn't use it much. But the main reason was the security. I found that any application can be installed and there is really no good security checking.

I also tried the Windows phone for a couple of weeks. I liked the idea of the changing information in the Window's tiles and how they are working to make the UI of your phone desktop and tablet the same.  

I remember when we first worked together we had Blackberry email devices. Sadly Blackberry seems to be giving up.  

But for now I am getting another iPhone and will give it another try. If only I could utilize all of the apps.

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