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Saturday, November 9, 2013

1416. Getting the skinny on techy products. How?

I often try to purchase techie products online, but never know which one is best. Is there some unbiased place I can look for information?

It Is funny - I used to subscribe to the Consumer Reports website but it's not free and to be honest the reviews seem a little outdated to me on technical products.

I found a website that has truly helped me in a lot of recent purchases and that is the They do in-depth technical reviews of technical products. They bring in technical experts in the field of that particular product and it's really helpful for picking up things like flat screen TVs or computers or other technical products.

They have a alternate site a sister site as it were witch is the which does the same thing for home products. So if you need to find the best fruit peeler or turkey fryer I cannot recommend this site highly enough. 

On the other end were talking about technical products here so check out the It's free and full of good information.

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