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Sunday, December 8, 2013

1424. Skip the Windows Start Screen

I'm using WIndows 8, but have no use for the big tile-like start screen. Can I get it to start up just like WIndows 7, showing the windows desktop?

It's funny when Microsoft released Windows 8 the original  version they sort of assumed that everyone would like that tiled  start screen and it made at the only option.

There were tools that let you skip it but you had to pay or get something extra to make that happen.  

In Windows 8.1 which we strongly suggest everyone using Windows 8 gets, there's an option that allows you to skip directly to the Windows desktop. To do that you want right click on the Windows 8.1 task bar when you are in the desktop then choose properties and click on the navigation tab and under the start screen section check the checkbox next to "when I sign in or close all apps on the screen go to the desktop instead of start". 

We will have a link to instructions on how to do this on our website but it's easy to do and only requires a single checkbox to start windows up on the desktop instead of the tiled start screen. 

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