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Sunday, December 8, 2013

1427.Adding an External DVD Drive

Kate asked: I bought a thin and light laptop, but I sometimes need to read and write DVDs and CDs. What am I supposed to do? This laptop doesn't have anything like that.

When Doug and I received this question we sort of chuckled thinking what  is she going to want next an Eight track player attached to her computer.

No really people actually do still use CDs and DVDs at this point attached to their computer.  I often have to create CDs to give people music that I've created for them. And for that I use an external DVD drive.

These external DVD drives could also read and write CDs so they are perfect for creating content. You can buy one on Amazon or any local vendor. They are relatively inexpensive and they connect to your computer using the USB port that's on every computer. 

If you need to create DVDs or CDs then you'll need to get an external DVD drive. On our website I've added a link to both a standard DVD and a BlueRay external drive that I found useful. 

External USB DVD: Ken's favorite is (Samsung). If you want Blueray, check this one:

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