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Sunday, December 8, 2013

1431. Misspelled web addresses.

Yesterday I was wanting to go to and I typed Amazon wrong. I entered 2 N's at the end. But I still got to Is there some Web magic going on? How did that happen?

Web magic, No. Lot's of money, Yes.  There is a feature in the web domain world that allows you to route your domain name to another name and the person that entered the name would not even know it was re-routed. This feature is probably what was used. Amazon most likely has many if not all of the similar domain names that they can control and route to their web site.

As a business your Brand is very important to you and you must protect it. If you were a competitor to Amazon wouldn't you want people like Ken who can't type to come to your web site? So companies that can afford it will purchase all of the names that people could type that were similar to your name.

I am sure if you happen to have the domain name you could offer it to Amazon and they would pay you much more that the $12 you paid for it.  

For those lucky people that grabbed up any variations of a popular web domain name they can either offer the name to the original company or a competitor that would be happy to get the traffic or you could create your own web site and offer links to companies including the original company. You could make a lot of money from people like Ken who can't type and people like me who can't spell.

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