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Sunday, December 8, 2013

1433. Losing registration on your web site

Another web mystery for you. I went to a friends web site and had been there many times in the past. But all of a sudden I went there it took me to a site that I didn't all. How is that possible?

The first idea that comes to mind is your friend has changed his business and now is doing this new business. Ken you really need to talk to your friends more often.  

But the more likely the case is your friend didn't update his domain registration and someone else has purchased it. There is a big business out there in "pouching" domain names. This is especially true if the domain has any significant traffic.  

The pouchers will buy up an expiring domain name and then try to sell it back to you or if it has a good traffic count sell it to someone else.  

Be aware of your domain name expiration. Most registrar's like Network Solutions GoDaddy and others allow you to automatically renew your registration and they will bother you month's in advance to re-purchase your expiring domain name.  

Pay attention to this. Your domain name is an asset, treat it as such.

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