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Sunday, December 8, 2013

1434. Old computers - any value?

Recently I had a friend hand me an old Dell Netbook that she bought a few years ago that doesn't seem to have much value and she asked if I could sell it for her. Well if I checked online the best price I say was for $12.00. Is there anything else she could do with that computer other than just trashing it?

Old computers can be useful for many things. But sometimes you should just consider it a boat anchor, but don't just through it overboardt, give it to a local charity when they sponsor the electronic waste pickup drive.  Remember to clean off your hard drive securely as we have discuss in another tech tip.

For no additional money you could use the computer as a file or print server, Or an extra backup of your critical applications.  

If you have an iPhone or iPad and your printer does not support direct printing use Apples AirPrint, and connect the printer the the old computer.

I also have one of my old computers that I use for guests. I do not want to share my computer with anyone. This way they can use my spare computer and I don't have to worry about them seeing something I don't want them to see or accidentally deleting something important. 

I know of many people complain that they lent their computer to a friend and now they have some terrible virus.

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