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Saturday, January 11, 2014

1446. Clearing Web Browser Toolbar Clutter

I recently went to visit a friend and noticed in her browser that she had like seventeen tool bars loaded and it took up most of the  browser window space. There are a couple of easy ways to solve this problem. Perhaps you can list them and help people out who can't even see the page to try to browse because of all the toolbars.

Ken I am sure you are exaggerating the fact that you couldn't see any of the web site content because of the toolbars, but you are right there can be many toolbar's that either all of a sudden they appear or they grow over time.

Sadly these are usually caused by Malware or what we are calling Fly-by-installs. That's when you only want to upgrade Java and after you do this you have a bunch of new unwanted programs installed and they take over the browser heading.

The easy way to remove a toolbar ius to right button click in the toolbar area and remove the check boxes next to the toolbar you want to remove.

If these toolbars are the unwanted ones, you cn remove them from you system by going into the options of your browser and look at the Toolbar, extensions, or manage add-ins section. The specifc way to do this varies based upon your browser.

You can also go to the Program and Features section of your Control panel and uninstall these Fly-by-Installs.

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