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Sunday, February 9, 2014

1450. How can I filter my search in Google?

I use Google for my online searching, and I seem to get a lot more results than I can use. Sometimes I want to restrict the site for my search (perhaps looking only on, for example) or restrict the file type that contains the results I’m looking for (perhaps looking only for PDF files). Is there some way to get results closer to what I need?

It seems that searching on the Web is a skill that students ought to be taught in school like reading, writing, and arithmetic, at this point. Certainly, if you just make a general search on Google or Bing or any other search engine, you are likely to get thousands of responses, most of which aren’t the least bit helpful.
If your goal is to restrict your search on Google, there’s a simple trick. If you want to search only on a specific site, include the text “site:” followed by the name of the site, like "" as part of your search query. Using syntax that includes “site:” and the name of the site, Google will only search for results on the specified site.

If you only want to find results of a particular file type (like PDF, for example), include text like “file type:PDF” in the search query. Google will restrict the results to only PDF files.

Google provides a ton of tricks you can use when searching. For help getting started with these search tricks, check out this useful site: It may take a little while to internalize Google’s search secrets, but once you do, you’ll find exactly what you’re seeking much more efficiently!

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