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Sunday, February 9, 2014

1452. Siri Can’t Say My Name. Can I Teach Her?

My name is Allyson, and I go by Ally. Siri, on my phone, refuses to pronounce my name correctly—she always refers to me as “A Lie.” Can I convince her to pronounce my name correctly?
Actually, teaching Siri to pronounce first names correctly is easy. Whenever she “says” a name, you can prompt her with something like “You said that name wrong.” Siri will ask you to say the name correctly, and from then on, she’ll get it right. (We were unable to get Siri to learn pronunciations for last/family names, but people say online that it’s possible. We tried, and failed.)

You can teach Siri a lot more about yourself, as well. You can say “Call my brother,” for example, and if you have not yet indicated who your brother is, Siri will ask you to identify your brother. Once you have done so, she’ll ask if you want her to remember that the particular contact is your brother. Once you’ve set up this relationship, you can then ask her to “Call my brother,” and she’ll know what to do. Before you can set up these relations, however, you’ll need to tell Siri who you are—you can do that in Settings-General-Siri.

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