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Sunday, February 9, 2014

1453. Siri pops up when not needed?

Sometimes when I’m listening to a voice message on my iPhone, Siri pops up and tries to get involved in the conversation. Why does she do this, and how do I stop this behavior?

We’re going to guess that this unwanted intrusion is caused by two specific issues: First, we assume that you listen to your voice messages by bringing your phone to your ear (and why not?). Second, we assume that you have—either on purpose, or inadvertently—modified the setting on your iPhone that tells Siri to “wake up” when you raise your phone. The combination of these two behaviors will definitely cause the experience you’re having. The solution is simple: Because we guess you probably don’t want to change the way you listen to voice messages (that is, by bringing the phone to your ear), the answer is to tell Siri to take a break. In other words, go to the Settings app on your phone, select the General settings, select the options for Siri, and ensure that the Raise to Speak option is set to Off. Making this one simple change should solve your problem, and get Siri “out of your face”.

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