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Monday, May 26, 2014

1461. Use iPad with External Monitor

Sue asked: I would like to use an iPad as my main computer. Can I use my old computer monitor to expand the display size, so I can view the screen on a larger display?

It's very rewarding to see people scaling their computer needs based on what they actually do with their computer. There's no reason have a full-size desktop or laptop if your needs don't require it. For basic e-mail checking, texting, browsing the we, and creating documents a tablet does a great job. And iPad is a great tablet so it's a good choice.

On the other hand you may decide you want to display the contents of your iPad screen on the larger monitor and there are issues here. First of all if your main goal was just doing a presentation you can hook up a hardware connector. A cable to Apple provides for connecting your iPad to an external monitor. Not every application supports this hardware cable so won't really work for daily use but it works great for presentations with applications that support.

If you want to mirror your screen on to a monitor you have two options. One of them involves jail-breaking your iPad and for casual users my answer is do not consider doing this. On the other hand technique that will work for anyone is to purchase an Apple TV. It's a little box you connect up to your monitor using an HDMI cable, and note that not every mother does not supports HDMI, and then you can use Ait Display which is a wireless means of displaying what's on your iPad screen through the Apple TV to the monitor.

The problem is going to be that since the iPad doesn't support a mouse you will have to touch the iPad screen to affect any changes on your monitor screen and this can be inconvenient. In other words I don't really recommend this for daily use either. But if you need to do it an Apple TV and Air Display will certainly work .

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