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Monday, May 26, 2014

1462. Using External Keyboard with iPad or phone

Can I use an external keyboard with my iPad? How about with my phone?

An external keyboard is the way to be if you're using an iPad and trying to create content and the same techniques will work with an iPhone.  I actually have a Bluetooth keyboard a little case that connects to my iPad and props up the iPad making it feel like a laptop when I want to carry just the iPad to work or on the road.

So basically any Bluetooth keyboard will work. You can get it from Apple or from any number of other vendors. The one I have is from a vendor called ZAGG.  But they're also made by Belkin and by Kensington and by any number of other vendors as well. Read the reviews online and see the one that meets your needs most and then try it out. You can use the same keyboard with an iPad, with your phone, or even as an external keyboard for laptop or main computer.  Bluetooth is the key. It's a standard that supports of all those devices.

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