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Monday, May 26, 2014

1463. Scam calls from Verizon support

I recently got a telephone call that seemed to have come from Verizon support (or so the Caller ID on my phone indicated). When I answered the call, the caller told me he was from Verizon Support, and asked me to browse to a particular Web site. The call didn’t seem valid so I just hung up. Was I being overly cautious? 
It’s sad that we have to continually reiterate the same response to questions like this, with the details changing from month to month: You will never receive a call offering tech support that is valid. In every case, hang up. The first wave of these calls had offshore scamsters posing as Microsoft employees, and now some clever jerks have decided to try the same sort of trick posing as Verizon Support. A similar scam involving Verizon has the called excitedly offering you the prize of $54 that you have won, if you just browse to Don’t do it! Just say “NO.”
These sorts of scams will continue as long as people are gullible enough to believe that a software/technical company cares enough about them to reach out in times of trouble. Believe this: Any call offering a solicitation of help, asking for your credit card or telling you browse to a certain site is definitely a scam. Just hang up. Or, as many others have tried, keep them on the phone as long as possible, simply to waste their time as they have wasted yours.

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