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Monday, May 26, 2014

1464. Maxing out an SD card

My Microsoft Surface Pro computer uses a MicroSD card to store data. The largest one I can find contains 64GB. I'd love to find a bigger one. Is there a limit to the size?

One things for certain there's never enough storage in any computer. That's for sure.

What is amazing however is that these micro SD cards are about the size of a fingernail and they seem to be about a tenth of a centimeter thick. Really really thin and yet they manage to cram 64 GB of storage on this tini minnie size card and yet you want one larger.

And the fact was until recently their wasn't anything larger. There's a limit to how much stuff you can cram into a card that size but recently I saw an advertisement for one that is 128 GB.  Which is as you might guess twice as big. It's not twice as big physically but it's stores twice as much stuff.

You might search for this on The list price was around $200 when it was released but at this point it was on sale for far less than that. So if you need more memory take a look at it using a larger micro SD card. Any machine that can support 64 GB card should be able to support 1.8 GB card as well.

New 128GB card:

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