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Monday, May 26, 2014

1465. Creating online surveys

I need to gather information and need some sort of online survey that I can send out. Do you have any suggestions?

People who know me will laugh at this answer because they know me as the online survey king. I sing a committee chorus. I work with a theater community group. And all the time we need to gather information on who is available when or who is going to bring what to the dinner and we need some way to go to the information.

I abhor sign-up sheets in the back of the room and instead I send out online surveys to people and have them fill them in and then I aggregate the data using an Excel spreadsheet.

There are a number of different free options here. My favorite is one WuFoo. You will find them online and they make it really easy to create forms that you can send the link out to people. They fill in the data you can then download the results and analyze to your heart's content.

Another really useful one is Survey Monkey - funny name. But they also provide a free level of service that allows you to send out links to online surveys. I've used them both, I love them both, and actually give them both money at this point for a higher level of service. Check them both out. WuFoo and Survey Monkey, if you need to gather information from a group of people online.

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