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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

1468. Is AOL still really in business?

Is AOL alive?

Yes and many people still use it. But I bet there is a group that doesn't know what AOL stands for. America On Line. And the next question what is AIM? AOL Instant Messenger. Think of all of the products that AOL and AIM started.

It seems like AOL is finally making money and is focussing their business on digital media.

I sure hope that if you use AOL you are not paying the $24.00 per month for the service.

I have a very close high school friend that still uses AOL and loves it. In spite of his use of AOL I still consider him my friend. I did help him set up a free Gmail account and there are easy utilities available to move your mail, contacts, and calender information from AOL to other mail accounts.  

If you are happy with AOL stay with it, if not it is easy to change.

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