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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

1470. Malware safety

I am so tired about the way that some jerks want to mess up my computer. When running Windows I have to worry about Malware, antiviris, rootkits, and flybyinstalls. I want to find 1 tool that protects me from all of those problems but I can't seem to find one. Can you help untangle the web of bad stuff?

Well I wish I had a simple suggestion. I haven't found 1 product that protects you from all of these problems.

For a Windows system you have many choices. When you first buy the computer usually there is at least 1 free product installed that may be free forever or it is just a free trial.

There are similiar products on the Mac.

All of the products seem to say they protect from virus, malware, and more. See our web site for a good article explaining the difference and providing a good review of all of the major players.

All of them say the more you pay for the product the more they protect. I find this sad. How do you know what risk you should pay for. I read articles that say virus are part of malware and inclusde protection for worms and all of these types of

I have found that unless you are visiting high risk web sites and you probably know who you are, the product I use is free and is part of Windows.

It is called Windows Defender. You usually have to turn it on because the OEM products disable it so you give the free trail a try. It is not on by default but it is easy to turn on. If you feel you need better protection you will know and there are products and prices that give you many options.

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