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Monday, May 26, 2014

1472. Making changes to the Mac user interface

I have a Mac, and would like to make changes to the user interface and the behavior that I know you can change, but I can't find any user interface to make the changes. For example, I'd like the dock to be semi-transparent, like it used to be. Am I missing something?

The Mac operating system is extremely flexible when you can make it kind of changes if you're willing to open up the terminal application and type in some commands. On the other hand I wouldn't recommend that for most folks.

You can find all listed online if you dig hard. But the fact is it's really too much trouble. There is a product that you can purchase however called Mac Pilot.  And there you'll find a way to, with the user interface, change just about any setting on the Mac that you could possibly want to change including making the doc semi transparent again .

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