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Monday, May 26, 2014

1473. Creating a Complex PIN on iPhone

I heard that you can use a more complex pass code on an iPhone--I'm using 4 digits, and it seems like it might be pretty easy to guess. How can I set up a more complex PIN code for my phone?

So I don't want to make paranoid but imagine this scenario. You have a four digit pass code on your phone and you repeatedly use that pass code with your normally dirty fingers. And then someone picks up your phone and they look at those four smudgy spots on your screen and now they have a pretty good guess of the four digits that are in your pass code.

On the other hand if you use a more complex pass code with  more than four digits not only did they not know how many digits you using but you're more likely to repeat a digit. So it makes it much more complicated.

On the iPhone you can change your pass code to be more complex by using the settings application. The exact option is different if you have an iPhone 5S as opposed to an earlier iPhone, but it's in the settings application.  On the 5S it is under the touch options on the earlier versions it's under the general options.  In any case look for it and you can choose a five or six or his many digit pass code as you like and that makes it a lot hard both for someone to guess the code for someone to look at your smudgy phone and know what keys you use. Not the fingers are dirty or anything.

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