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Monday, May 26, 2014

1477. Dismissing iPhone Banner Notifications Quickly

Banner notifications on my iPhone make me nuts. They appear, and I do want to see what they're telling me, but they stick around seemingly forever. Is there some way to dismiss them as soon as I see them?
This really is Ken’s question, because this happens to him often: He’s looking at his email on his iPhone, and new email arrives. When the new email arrives (perhaps an email he’s been anticipating, and that he wants to read immediately), the phone displays an alert in Notification Center. The banner alert stays onscreen for what feels like a full minute (but is, in fact, just a few seconds). He was looking for a way to quickly dismiss the banner so he could get back to the business of reading his emails.
The solution to this problem is surprisingly easy: When a banner appears, if you’d like that banner to dismiss immediately, simply swipe down on the banner just a little bit, then swipe up to remove it. That’s it! Swipe down, and then up, and the banner is history.
On the other hand (and this is important), on the iPhone, and on almost any smart phone, you have the option to completely turn off notifications if you don't want to see them at all. On the iPhone, using iOS 7, go to the Settings app and select the Notifications Center option. In Notifications Center settings, you can select from None, Banners, and Alerts for notifications. You can also set other notifications options. You can set Notifications settings for each app individually, which means you can have the phone display notifications for the Mail app (with specific settings for each mail provider) distinctly from the way it displays notifications for other applications.

For more information on dismissing notifications quickly, check out this site:

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