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Monday, May 26, 2014

1485. iGoogle has gone away

June asked: I used to have wonderful gadgets on my Google page: calendar, clock, appointments, news, weather, lists of birthdays, and so on. Then one day they were gone. I really miss them and can't believe that there isn't some other system out there that could provide those gizmos. I've tried looking for them but always run into a dead end. Can you help with this?

Yes it's true this feature was called IGoogle and your friends at Google tend to try things and then later kill them and this project got killed recently.

I really liked IGoogle it was a great way to consolidate lots of information on my homepage in any browser. It is gone. You can't get back but there are a bunch of replacements you can try.

My favorite is one called IgHome but we put a list of a bunch of them from an article we found online on our website so you can check out that link to see other replacements for IGoogle and try which one works best for you. In any case IGoogle is gone and you need to find something else if you want that functionality now.

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