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Monday, May 26, 2014

1486. AOL still taking customers' money

I have a friend that is apparently still paying AOL for their internet service. Good grief, are they still even in business?

There's a question that has multiple layers to answer like the layers of an onion.  If people are paying AOL for service and they have high-speed Internet there's really no point in paying AOL because all they're getting is a fancy user interface that says "you've got mail"  when Mail appears.

To be honest my father-in-law uses this and we can't ween him off of it. He doesn't pay them however because it became free many years ago you just have to tell them you want to stop giving the money for it.

On the other hand there are people who used dial up services that AOL provides is pretty cheap and if that's your only way getting access to the Internet you need to pay someone for it. No one provides decent free dial up service. They are certainly not make much money on these sort of things these days but be careful if you don't need to be sending that money in every month don't do it make. Make sure and check your bills and tell AOL to stop billing you if you're not using their service.

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