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Monday, May 26, 2014

1489. Mac Starts Slowly

Mac Startup Getting Slower and Slower

My Mac seems to start up slower and slower over time. Have I done something wrong to slow down its startup process?
It’s a fact/feature of computers: They simply seem slower, the more you use them. Maybe it’s that you get used to the speed, or maybe it’s an actual slowdown, but it’s certainly a feature we’ve come to know and love.
But the fact is, it’s quite easy to end up in this situation (and not just on a Mac, but that’s where we’re focusing here). The problem is that it’s all too easy to agree to have applications start up automatically as you log in, and to solve the problem, you must manually clean up the log in startup list occasionally, weeding out applications that you really don’t need to have start each time you log in.
Some applications ask you if you want them to start each time you log in; others simply assume you do and add themselves to the startup list. To rectify the situation, launch the System Preferences application. In the icons that the application displays, select the Users & Groups icon. In the list on the left, find your own login information, and click on it. At the top of the pane, find the Login Items button and click that button. Then, in the list of login items, find applications that you know you don’t need to have running all the time, select each in turn, and click the minus button (“-“) below the list.  (You can use Command+Click to select multiple items, as well.) Don’t worry—even if you remove an application that you actually do want to have running as you log in, you can always add it back later by clicking the + button.

Removing items from the Login Items list may not make a huge difference, but it can make a measurable difference in startup time, if you have a large number of login items starting automatically. (For more information, check out this link:

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