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Saturday, July 12, 2014

1503. Large inbox, Slow Outlook

This is a really weird one. Let's play "stump the chump". Whenever I start up Outlook it runs incredibly slowly. Like clickjing on an email takes 30 seconds. After an hour or so things seem to run fine. What's going on or how can I fix this irritating behavior?

As usual there isn't one single answer to solve this problem. But if you keep a very large INBOX like thousands of messages and you use POP as your access protocol and keep messages on the server you have three strikes against you and need to consider changes.  

1. Check to find out if your email provider supports other receive protocols than POP. Like IMAP or EAS (Exchange Active Sync).

2. Clean up your INBOX. Having any more than 50 messages in the INBOX can make it very difficult to manage and the larger the INBOX the more extra work the email client has to do especially when you start up.

3. Organize your email. Think of your email account like a file cabinet. In the cabinet you have Drawers very much like folders, and in folders you can have sub folders. And finally those sub folders have documents (messages). If you organize your email you may just be able to find that message you received 2 month ago from the IRS.

Try these few suggestions and Outlook will run faster (especially when it starts up) and you will have a much better organization of your emails.There are many other tips to make Outlook run better. Do a search and see of some of these help.

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