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Saturday, July 12, 2014

1504 Modify the Send To Menu

I’m using Windows 7, and often right-click on files and count on the Send To menu item to send files to various places (to a particular folder, to a printer, and so on). The problem is that there are several shortcuts on the menu that I never use, and others I’d like to add (for example, I’d like to be able to send files to a particular folder of my own choosing). Is there some way to customize the Send To menu?
This one is quite simple, once you know the trick. The Send To menu gets its items from the contents of a single, particular folder on your computer, and you can alter the contents of this folder to change what you see in the Send To menu. Although the particular folder is “buried” as part of your Windows special folders, you can easily view and modify its contents. To display the folder, first press Windows Key + R, type shell:sendto and press Enter. This action displays the folder that contains the SendTo menu’s shortcuts.
Once you have displayed the folder, try right-clicking on one of the items and selecting Send To from the context menu. You should see, in addition to items for all your local drives, the exact same items you see in the folder you just opened. In other words, the SendTo menu displays the shortcuts you find in the SendTo special folder. If you delete an item from the SendTo folder, it will also disappear from the SendTo menu.
To create a new shortcut, you have many options. For example, you can simply right-click in the empty space within the folder, and select New and then Shortcut. Windows displays a dialog box that allows you to step through the information you must supply to create a shortcut. Alternately, if you have a shortcut already created for the location to which you want to send content, you can simply drag it into the special SendTo folder.
For more information about this technique, check out the online article here:

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