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Saturday, July 12, 2014

1506. Allowing an Application to Access the Internet

I installed an application yesterday that needs to access the internet. No matter what I did on Windows it couldn't get a connection out. What have I done wrong?

Ken it is unlikely you did anything wrong to create this problem. Although in most other cases it clearly was your fault.

Applications sometimes use special "ports" to communicate to the outside world. Think of them like highways. And because there are many highways to get to places it is important to use the correct highway number. Or in computer land we call these "ports". If the application doesn't install correctly it may not tell your firewall to open the port and the applications does not work.  

The way to test to see if this is the problem simply turn off your firewall and test the system. If your application works then this tip will solve your problem. 

You will need to tell the firewall in your computer to manually open the highway port for your application. Open the Windows firewall. Click on the Exceptions Tab. Then Add a Program. If your program appears in the list, simply choose it and click OK. If not you have to search for the program to find it and then add it to the list.

For details on how to do this do a search for Adding a program to the Windows firewall. If you have other systems providing your firewall service (like your Spam service) you may need to look up those instructions.  

This can be a tricky problem to resolved but sometimes it is the only option.. You should complain to your application developer. They should have done what is needed to allow this to work correctly without you spending the extra time.

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