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Saturday, July 12, 2014

1507. Anti-virus and Firewalls Block Access

I am using a wireless sound system in my house and you need to connect the speakers to your computer using the software they supply and although it had been working. Yesterday I upgraded the software and it stopped working. Somethings wrong and I can't find it. Can you make any suggestions?

This problem is usually your firewall or your anti-virus software. Because it was working and an upgrade caused it to stop I would simply turn off your anti-virus software temporarily and try your applications again. If the application still does not work it is probably your firewall and look for our tip on firewalls blocking ports.

If the application works when you turn off the anti-virus software you need to tell the anti-virus software to allow this application to run.

How you do this with each anti-virus system will be different so look up in the help system for your anti-virus system on how to allow an application to run without interference from the anti-virus software.

Don't forget to turn your anti-virus software back on when you have finished.  

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