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Saturday, July 5, 2014

1497. Google Chromecast compared to everything else

I've heard about Google's Chromecast device. How is it different from all the other home streaming video options? If I have a smart TV, should I even look at it?

There are so many words in this question that might require definition for some people.

First of all a home streaming device is some sort of box or connection that allows you to stream video from online sources such as HULU, UTUBE, Amazon, or Netflix. 

A lot of TV's have this built in now. These are called Smart TV's.  

Most of these devices cost about $100.00 including Amazon's FireTV, Apple's Apple TV, and Roku's streaming device.  

Google's Chromecast is only $35.00 so you are thinking wow that must be a great bargain, but it actually does a lot less. On the other hand if you are invested in the Google universe it actually makes a lot of sense.

If you use Apple products a lot then the Apple products make sense.

If you use neither and you want the best streaming box out there there is the Roku 3 streaming box.  

It you have a smart TV most likely you have everything built in into the TV already.

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